Vista Blue – Hit The Floor

Posted by cvance
on February 22, 2020
Hit the Floor was recorded in Memphis at legendary Ardent Studios. Tracks were mixed and mastered by Perry Leenhouts. Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis in July 2019. Engineered by Mike Wilson. Mixed/mastered by Perry Leenhouts of Point Break Sound. Richard Bates – guitar, vocals Reese Chism – drums, vocals Mark Crowley – bass, vocals Mike Patton – vocals, guitar, organ
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LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS, “Until There Was You” (BSDS-0061, February 21 2020)

Posted by cvance
on February 20, 2020
The 61st Big Stir Digital Single of the Week is the second “Single of the Week” from Akron Ohio’s LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS! “Until There Was You” b/w “And Then She’s Gone” will be available for download Friday, February 21st and this duo of wonderful songs is available for pre order now! Just head on over to
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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 10

Posted by cvance
on February 19, 2020
This week PPO brings you new music from Gary Ritchie, The Forty Nineteens, Tommy Ray! plus more. We also supply you your weekly dose of classic power pop as well as a little bubble gum, we go Glamp-ng in addition to delivering you some of Milwaukee’s best. Enjoy the music and be sure to support the artists. As always feel free to comment or if you want email us at PPO v10 on Mixcloud
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New and Notable
01 Maybe It’ll Be Tonight – Gary Ritchie
02 It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For) – The Forty Ninteens
03 Blame it on the Satellite – More Kicks
04 Tuesday’s Girl – Tommy Ray!
05 One Less Step – Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out
I Found Old Bubblegum Under My Chair
06 Gimme Gimme Your Love – Barry & Garry
07 Wig-Wam Bam – The Sweet
08 Alcock and Brown – Balloon Busters
09 Rock & Roll Love Letter – Bay City Rollers
Music From Milwaukee’s Best
10 Radio Ready – The Shivvers
11 Gimme Some Action – RPM’s
12 Wait A Minute – The Pop
13 Hard To Get – The Tyrants
14 180 Degrees – The Wigs
Lets Go Glamping
15 Automatic Style – Creem Circus
16 Dynamite – Hammered Satin
17 Sunny – Stag
18 Rock Show – Ken Sharp
19 Looking For A Guru – Ulysses
Check Out My New Garage
20 Need You Here Tonight – The Kryng
21 Time Flies And Still – Les Grys Grys
22 Time’s Not On My Side – Bobkat’65
23 Never Blue- The Night Times
24 You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It) – The Undeertones
25 Don’t Talk To Me – The News
26 Walking Tall – The Continentals
27 Bad Reputation – The dB’s

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Now Available on Kool Kat / Strand Can’t Trust The Rain

Posted by cvance
on February 18, 2020
Hello Pop Fans! Here to announce a brand new release available on the Kool Kat Musik label on February 21 – “Can’t trust the rain” by Strand! Dublin-based Niall Toner Jr. has created an album that will appeal to fans of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and The Cosmic Rough Riders! You can read about/order it here  Niall’s latest music as Strand carries a lot of influences, but in its beating heart lie the ghosts of Gene Clark and the Byrds, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Big Star, Love, and Gram Parsons, to name a few.  It is as close to Niall’s authentic voice as he has come yet.  On “Can’t Trust The Rain”, Niall is helped by a bunch of extraordinary musicians, including guitarist Ger Kiely, guitarist Duncan Maitland (Slumberjet/Pugwash), producer Les Key (bass), drummer Kevin Malone (Van Morrison) and keyboard player Darragh O’Kelly.
Get it here

Listen to it here

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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 9 – A Conversation With Kurt Baker

Posted by cvance
on February 12, 2020

This week we have a conversation with Kurt Baker and had a great time hearing about life in Spain, his start in Portland, and his new album. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Kurt Baker’s website , and if you ever have the opportunity, be sure to catch one of their shows!

Enjoy the Popcast and as always if you have any suggestions or comments or just want to say hey, email us at

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Track List

  1. Hit The Ground – Kurt Baker Band
  2. Why You Gotta Lie – Kurt Baker Band
  3. No Ones Home – Kurt Baker Combo
  4. Pack My Bags – Kurt Baker Combo
  5. Can’t Go Back – Kurt Baker Combo
  6. Turning Japanese – Kurt Baker
  7. Don’t Steal My Heart Away – Kurt Baker Band
  8. (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love – Kurt Baker Combo
  9. Girlfriend – The Leftovers
  10. Don’t Gp Falling In Love – Kurt Baker
  11. Beach Boner Bluer – Airbag feat. Kurt Baker
  12. Upside Down – Kurt Baker Combo
  13. She’s Not Sorry – Kurt Baker
  14. Sleeping With The Television On – Kurt Baker
  15. Can’t Have Her Back (Live Feb. 2011) – Kurt Baker
  16. Partied Out – Kurt Baker Band
  17. Can’t Say No – Kurt Baker
  18. Telephone Operator – The Leftovers
  19. She Can Do It All – Kurt Baker
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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 8

Posted by cvance
on February 5, 2020
This week PPO is bringing you new stuff from emperor penguin, Stepford Knives, Ken Sharp and more.  Additionally you will hear some Brian Wilson influenced tunes as well as some greats from the Beserkley label plus a whole lot more.  Enjoy the Popcast and as always if you have any suggestions or comments or just want to say hey, email us at

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New and Notable
01 Hello Picasso – emperor penguin
02 Blue in the Face – Stepford Knives
03 Tonight (All I Want) – Ken Sharp
04 Full Of Strange – The Fast Camels
05 I Want You Again – The Weeklings
Surfin the Waves
06 Little Surfer Girl – The Backstreet Angels
07 Surf’s Up – The Malibus
08 She’s_A_Surf_Punk – Surfin’ Lungs
09 Forever – The Explorers Club
Got You Covered
10 Going to a Go-Go – Secret Affair
11 Baby, Don’t You Do It – The Men
12 On a Carousel – Glass Moon
13 The Hard Way – The Knack
14 Time Won’t Let Me – The Smithereens
For The Record
15 Buy this Record – Milk ‘n’ Cookies
16 Record Machine – Creamer
17 Somebody scratched my records – Quant
18 She Has Good Records – Jimmer
How to Achieve the Perfect Twang
19 Miss Operator – The V-Roys
20 It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Eugene Edwards
21 Don’t Leave Don’t Go – Elvyn
22 Just Friends – Beat Rodeo
I’m Going Beserk-ley
23 Let Her Dance – The Spitballs
24 She Cracked – The Modern Lovers
25 It’s A Tall Order For a Short Guy – Earth Quake
26 Lightning Love Affair – The Rubinoos
27 Roarunner – Greg Kihn

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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 7 – Rich Rossi Remembers John Wicks

Posted by cvance
on January 29, 2020
This week PPO is celebrating the life and music of John Wicks by bringing you an interview with one of his closest friends and collaborator, Rich Rossi. Rich shares some great stories about John as well as how he was able to complete the music John was working on despite his diagnosis, before his passing. The project was produced by Jamie Hoover, and features contributions from John Wicks, Ray Paul, Peter Case, Jamie Hoover, Al Stewart, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), Paul Collins, Don Dixon, Carla Olson, Bill Berry, Kyle Frost, and Nick Guzman. For The Record – A Tribute To John Wicks will be released January 31 on the Kool Kat Label and all proceeds will go to John’s son Perry and the American Cancer Society.

As always, please feel free to contact us at with any ideas, concerns or you just want yo say hey!
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Track List
01 Starry Eyes- The Records
02 In & Out Motel – Peter Case
03 Do Anything You Wanna Do – Eddie and the Hot Rods
04 Everything But A Heartbeat – Kuraasl Flyers
05 1-800-Colonoscopy – Bill Berry-Peter Buck-Mike Mills-Michael Stipe
06 Taxi Driver – Mickey Jupp
07 Repo Man – Jamie Hoover
08 The Sun Sets Over London Town – Ray Paul
09 Questions Questions – The Heats
10 Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
11 Glittering Gold – Paul Collins
12 No Promise – The Flash Cubes
13 Money & A Fu Manchu – Don Dixon
14 The Beltway – Al Stewart
15 See Emily Play – Pink Floyd
16 That Girl Is Emily – John Wicks and the Records
17 It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock and Roll) – AC/DC
18 Chasing Angels – Nick Guzman
19 She’s All I Need – John Wicks

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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 6

Posted by cvance
on January 22, 2020

This week PPO brings you a huge helping of Power Pop and more including some skinny tie greatness to garage edginess plus a whole lot in between.  Hold onto your seat and savor the Sonic Exuberance of the Power Pop Overdose Popcast.  As always, please feel free to contact us at with any ideas, concerns or you just want yo say hey!

Curty Ray

or get it at Mixcloud or iTunes


I Wanna Be a Teenage Fanclub
01 Norman Blake – Swedish Polarbears
02 God – Attic Lights
03 Hatchet – I Was A King
04 Mailman – The Primary 5
Mom I Dropped The Garage On My Foot!
05 Ian Kay – A Man Like Me
06 Shut Your Mind – The Baron Four
07 Falling Apart – The Rebel Set
08 The King Of Loose Ends – The Routes
70’s Skinny Ties
09 Forget Your Name – The Whiffs
10 She’s A Trap – Gentlemen Jesse
11 C’Mon C’Mon C’Mon – Brad Marino
12 All Kindsa Girls – The Real Kid
Not The Beatles
13 Recharge Your Mynd – The Mynd Gardners
14 She’s Gonna Two Time – The Kaisers
15 In My Own Time – The Bee Gees
16 ’67 (Home) – Vinyal Kings
Turn it F’n Up!
17 Turn It Up – Tight Pants Syndrome
18 Gimme Gimme – The Krinkles
19 I Can’t Stop It Now – Dumb Dog Run
20 I Love Rock – Cooler
Sweet Home Chicago
21 Full Moon Turn My Head Around – Off Broadway
22 Curiosity – Shoes
23 I’m The One – Pezband
24 The Jets – Paper Girl
25 I’ve Got You – The Kind

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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 5

Posted by cvance
on January 15, 2020
This Week we are bring you some new and some old, crunchy and dreamy hook laden music.  Break out your skinny ties and air guitars and enjoy the music placed before you.  As always, if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hey, email us at
Curty Ray

or get it at Mixcloud here
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Track List
1. The Jetbeat – Dancing On The Sun
2. The Men – Out On The Floor
3. The Reverberations – Milder Higher
4. The Madd – War Or Hands Of Time
5. Kurt Baker – Weekend Girls
6. Tommy and the Rockets – Teenage Girls
7. Material Issue – What Girls Want
8. Dwight Twilley – Girls
9. The Tremblers – I’ll Be Taking Her Home Tonight
10. The Tweeds – I Need That Record
11. The Generators – TV Set
12. The Maps – I’m Talking To You
13. The Neighborhoods – Prettiest Girl
14. Triptides – Moonbeams
15. Green Seagull – What Happened To The Girls
16. The Mynd Gardners – Discotheque
17. Jacco Gardner – Puppets Dangling
18. The Well Wishers – Feelin’ Fine
19. The Rallies – Up To You
20. The Hangabouts – Who Wants Cilla
21. The Keys – Fire Inside
22. The Brothers Steve – She
23. Valley Lodge – Stand
24. The Insomniacs – Maryanne Lightly

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Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 4 (The Coolest Songs of 2019)

Posted by cvance
on January 12, 2020

Just when you think that the music industry has become incapable of making anything but tired retreads and money-grabbing drivel, you look back on this year and think: Huh. So they can still surprise us after all. This week we combed the Popverse to find some of the coolest songs of 2019.  Todays tracks range from Jangle to songs with a little more power than pop and everything in between, so sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the PPO Popcast!
If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Or get it here:
PPO V4 on Mixcloud
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Track Listing

  1. Lolas – DJ Girl
  2. The Cudas – Tv Is Cool Again
  3. Bronco Bullfrog – Never Been To California
  4. White Reaper – Migt Be Right
  5. Jordan Jones – Rumors Girls
  6. The Resonars – Before You’re Gone
  7. Sunstack Jones – Something’s Happened To My Mind
  8. The Galileo 7 – Too Late
  9. The Whiffs – Shakin All Over
  10. The Rallies – If You Do
  11. The Jay Vons – Keep On Moving
  12. Berwanger – Bad Vibrations
  13. ANC4 – You’re The One
  14. The Gold – Gimme Your Love
  15. Telekinesis – A Place in the Sun
  16. Bryan Estepa – No Ordinary
  17. Paul Bertolino – Doll
  18. 1. Wyatt Blair – Boys Night Out
  19. The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Close The Doors
  20. Yorick van Norden – Train In The Station
  21. Norman – Already Gone
  22. Laika’s Orbit – One You Cry For
  23. The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club – The Henry Norman Hotel
  24. The Premonitions – Thats Voodoo
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