Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 1

It has been a mighty long time since I have posted anything. I thought that I would upload a podcast of some of my favorite PPO songs. It is a mix of Power Pop, Fuzz, Mod and much more but still close to the PPO vibe. Feel free to email me at powerpopoverdose@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions. Enjoy it and let me know if you would like me to continue the Podcast.

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Track List

1 I Don’t Like Your Face – The Heats
2 How Could I ever Love You – Johnny Casino
3 Break The Ice – The Finkers
4 Goodbye Before Too Late – The Men
5 Destroyed – The Mynd Garden
6 C’mon C’mon – The Chickenbackers
7 My Love Ain’t a Lie – The Premonitions
8 Gonna Let You Down – Queen Electric
9 Remember Who You Are – Distortion Tamers
10 Let’s Go – Stephen Lawernson
11 List – The Fags
12 Ram On – DB Cooper
13 Take Me – Marshall Holland
14 Ella Doesn’t Care – The Poppin’ Wheelies
15 Telephone Operator – The Leftovers
16 On The Move – Thee Attacks
17 Turn It Around – Hutch
18 Love Her Records – Stag
19 Rachel – Tommy Tutone
20 Nothing Terribly New – The Hellacopters
21 Sister Surround – The Soundtrack of Our Lives
22 21st Century Tulip Mania – The Seldon Plan
23 For The Last Time – The Insomniacs

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