Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 3

Here is another PPO Popcast featuring some of my favorite tunes from the past and present.  It includes a little psych pop, fuzz and just good old power pop.  Enjoy and feel free to comment with ideas or suggestions at powerpopoverdose@gmail.com. I am always open to ideas or suggestions to improve the Popcast.

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Track List
01. Paul Bertilino – Against The Shadow
02. The Quarantines – Robot Girl
03. The Mods – Do You Think That Money
04. The Insiders – Ghosts on the Beach
05. The Wombats – Dip You In Honey
06. The Trip Takers – Don’t Back Out Now
07. Triptides – All My Life
08. The Whiffs – My Vision OF Love
09. The Agents – Need The Girl
10. The ACB’s – Suzzanne
11. Gary B and the Notions – Give Me One Reason
12. Gas Giants – Now The Change
13. The Speedways – Seen Better Days
14. The Coolies – Ignaramus
15. Joe Jackson – One More Time
16. Johnny Casino’s Easy Action – 09 Treatin’Me Right
17. Kelly’s Heels – Same Mistake
18. The Grip Weeds – Love’s Lost On You
19. The Headboys – Stepping Stones
20. The Nats – Something New
21. Extra Arms – Secret Friend
22. Thee Vicars – Come On Stomp!
23. The Riviera Playboys – I’m The Pusherman
24. Team Jedi – Do What You Wanna
25. The Doughboys – Too Little Too Late Track List

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