Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 11

This week on Power Pop overdose we bring you new music from The Late Afternoons, The Overtures The Weeklings pluse more. We also get a little Stiff, elicit a Twelve String
High and dispense some classic power pop for you. As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.

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New and Notable
01 Not So Moscow – The Late Afternoons
02 Oneinaworld – The Overtures
03 Baby Let Me Take You Home – The Weeklings
04 Kisses Are History – The Speedways
05 The Right Road – Jeremy
Sounds Like The 60’s!
06 Daffodil Tea Shoppe – Electric Looking Glass
07 She Destroyed Me – The Wrong Society
08 Please Say – Johnny’s Uncalled Four
09 Shut Your Mind – The Baron Four
Twelve String High
10 She Loved Her Jangle Pop – Erik Voeks
11 And In My Dream – The Junipers
12 You’re Tied – Young Sinclairs
13 The Way I Want You – The Reverberations
Feeling A Little Stiff
14 So It Goes – Nick Lowe
15 Playing Bogart – Any Trouble
16 Mercury Poisoning – Graham Parker & The Rumour
17 Police Car – Larry Wallis
18 Watching The Detective – Elvis Costello
Why Were the 1970s So Extraordinary
19 Bloodline – Bram Tchaikovsky
20 Mirror Star – The Fablous Poodles
21 Saturday Night – Herman Brood and His Wild Romance
22 You Just Don’t Wanna Know – Jules And The Polar Bears
23 Little Trouble Maker – Ian McLagen

The Big Stir Records’ Digital Single of the Week — Pop Dudes Ridin’ My Car

The Big Stir Records’ Digital Single of the Week revolution continues! Presented this week are two sparkling new songs by Popdudes! “Ridin’ In My Car” and “Daytime Nighttime Suffering” drop on Friday, February 28th and are available for pre-order at www.bigstirrecords.com/big-stir-digital-singles now!Even though no one was aware they went away—or that they were even somewhere in the first place—Popdudes are BACK, baby. Back with what, you may (or may not) be asking? Back with a freshly minted, newly recorded digital single as part of the far-out Big Stir Single Series. These two brand spankin’ (ow!) new songs are the first Popdudes recordings since the last ones, and as such shall serve to further the legend of this roving, raving band of misfits from Orange County, CA. Okay, there is no “legend of the band” to further and Michael Simmons and John Borack are far from misfits—they’re more like malcontents, actually.In any event, these two crackin’ pop toons—covers of NRBQ’s “Ridin’ in My Car” and the 1979 Wings B-side “Daytime Nighttime Suffering”—are certain to mollify your tired eardrums. Simmons imbues the Q number with a Beach Boys-tinged loveliness and does his best Macca (and he IS the best Macca doer I know) on the flip side. Borack, who tracked his drums at the Amazing Karen Basset’s studio in Hollywood, tries his damndest to stay out of Simmons’ way and not foul things up. We hope you love these songs as much as we love lunch at Norm’s. If not, we’ll be sad.