March 2020

March 25, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 15

This week on Power Pop Overdose, we have new music from The Resonars, Jim Basnight, The Walker Brigade, Tommy Sistak and The Black Watch. We will also bring you songs from the North Coast, music that is Not Lame, plus get ready for a psychedelic experience and more.As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.PPO v15 on Mixcloud
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New and Notable
Brown, Baby – The Resonars
This is Where I Belong – Jim Basnight
On My Way To Somewhere – Tommy Sistak
No – The Walker Brigade
Brilliant Failures – The Black Watch
Where Tomorrow Lands – The Mynd Gardeners
Hurt My Pride – The Young Sinclairs
Outside Eden – The Verge
I Turned On As You Turned Around – The Dandelion
The North Coast
I’ve Got A Heart Too – The Back Pages
Till I See You Again – The Action
Confidentially Renee – Radio Alarm Clocks
Into My Arms – Lucky Pierre
When I Find Out – The Wild Giraffes
It’s Alive!
A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls
When You’re Mine – The Heats
Valerie Loves Me – Material Issue
Teenarama – The Records
Original Model -Kursaal Flyers
It’s So Not Lame!
Let’s Away – The Shazam
On My Way Down – The Dons
Beauty Mark – Starbelly Contact High – Bill Lloyd
We’re Okay – The Kelly Affair

March 18, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 14

This week on Power Pop Overdose, we have new music from Chris Church, The False Positives, The Electric Mess, The Vapour Trails Dolph Chaney!  We also feature music form the Jet City and the year 1979.  Additionally,  we spotlight some songs from Dirty Water Records plus we find out if you are a Mod or a Mocker.As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!
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New and Notable
No Letting Go – Chris Church
The Real You – The False Positives
Last Call – The Electric Mess
Lonley Man – The Vapour Trails
The Handling – Dolph Chaney
Are You A Mod or a Mocker?
Cortina Mk2 – The Lambrettas
You Need Wheels – The Merton Parkas
My World – Secret Affair
Free Yourself – The Untouchables
Kicking The Kans – The Headboys
Girl of My Dreams – Bram Tchaikovsky
Hold On – Ian Gomm
On Your Radio – Joe Jackson
Starry Eyes – The Records
Farfisa Madness!
Do What You Do – The Love Nots
Her Big Man – The Madd
Witch Hunt – 45 Rally
Black Glove – Loveland
Step in to the Dirty Water
Big Smoke London Town – Dustaphonics
Doreen – Muck and the Mires
I Don’t Want You – The Thanes
Left Unseen – Les Grys Grys
Jet City Rockers
Here She Comes – The Cowboys
Emma Peel – The Allies
You Know I Know – The Moberlys
Dangerous – The Rangehoods
Sorry Girls – The Heats

March 11, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 13 – A Conversation With John Borack

This Week on Power Pop Overdose we speak with musician, journalist and the author of Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide, John Borack. John shares a little about his bands as well as his journalistic undertakings plus a we play bunch of John’s favorite songs.You can find his latest book HERE always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.
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Track Listing

  1. Pushing Forty – The Armories
  2. Ridin’ In My Car – The Popdudes
  3. Magnet And Stee – Popdudes
  4. I Can’t Take It – Cheap Trick
  5. Password – Cotton Mather
  6. Your Number Or Your Name – The Knack
  7. Shine a Light – Lanny Flowers
  8. This Song Is a Cure – The Kariannes
  9. Teenarama – The Records
  10. Countdown – Lindsey Buckingham
  11. Who’ll Stop The Rain – Creedence Cleaewater Revival
  12. Places That Are Gone – Tommy Keene
  13. Anytime At All – The Beatles
  14. Now – The Plimsouls
  15. Thirteen – -Big Star
  16. We’re The Same – Matthew Sweet
  17. Yellow Pills – 20/20
  18. U.S.A. – Paul Collins’ Beat
  19. Let’s Be Friends – The Toms
  20. Lisa Anne – Bill Lloyd
  21. Enough for Somebody – Danny Wilkerson

March 4, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 12

This week Power Pop Overdose brings you new music from The Gold Needle, Les Grys Grys, Chris Church plus more. We also bring the Reign in Spain, music from Down Under, as well as some classics from the 80’s and more.  As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.As Always, feel free to comment or if you want to email us at powerpopoverdose@gmail.comPPO v12 on Mixcloud
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New And Notable
01 Bily Liar – The Gold Needles
02 Milk Coe Blues – Les Grys-Grys
03 Loveless Days – The Tambles
04 Your Sun Is About To Shine – Chris Church
05 Coat-Tailer – The Empty Hearts
Reign in Spain
06 Time To Make Things Right – Bang 74
07 Summer and Kisses – Champagne
08 She Said Yeah!! – Bubblegum
09 Girls,girls,girls – Quant
Todd Is Godd
10 Turn Me On – The Tubes
11 Heaven’s Falling – Cheap Trick
12 One World – Todd Rundgren
13 I’ll Be Around – What Is This
14 So Sad About Us – Shawn Cassidy
Down Under
15 Fast Fade – The Metal Babies
16 100 Watt Ronson – The Finkers
17 Everything – Pyramidiacs
18 What Are We Gonna Do – The Stanleys
19 Evil Knievel – Ikey Mo
They Came From The 80’s
20 She Talks in Stereo – Gary Myrick & the Figures
21 Nothing Really Matters When You’re Young – Screen Test
22 All the Young Heroes – Gary O’
23 Rock You Up – The Romantics
24 Does Stephanie Know – Squire
25 World Party – The Waterboys