This week on Power Pop Overdose we speak with Jim Basnight!Jim chronicles his musical career from Seattle to New York and L.A., sharing stories from his early days with The Moberleys up to his new album, Not Changing.Pick up a copy of Not Changing at Kool Kat Musik or Bandcamp

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Track List

Looking Through Glass – Jim Basnight
Live In The Sun – Jim Basnight (1977)
Blow Your Life Away – The Moberlys
Last Night – The Moberlys
You Know I Know – The Moberlys
Sexteen – The Moberlys
Genius Of Love – The Moberlys
What I Wouldn’t Do – The Moberlys
She Don’t Rock – The Moberlys
She Always Smiled – The Moberlys
Make A Baby – The Moberlys
I Want You- The Moberlys
I’m In Fire – The Moberlys
I Trust You – The Moberlys
Rock And Roll Girlfriend – The Rockinghams
More Than One Way – The Rockinghams
Hello Mary Jane – The Rockinghams
Not Changing – Jim Basnight
You Never Cease to Amaze – Jim Basnight
Big Bang – Jim Basnight
Making Love For a Living – Jim Basnight
Suicide Evening – Jim Basnight

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