New and Notable
Brown, Baby – The Resonars
This is Where I Belong – Jim Basnight
On My Way To Somewhere – Tommy Sistak
No – The Walker Brigade
Brilliant Failures – The Black Watch
Where Tomorrow Lands – The Mynd Gardeners
Hurt My Pride – The Young Sinclairs
Outside Eden – The Verge
I Turned On As You Turned Around – The Dandelion
The North Coast
I’ve Got A Heart Too – The Back Pages
Till I See You Again – The Action
Confidentially Renee – Radio Alarm Clocks
Into My Arms – Lucky Pierre
When I Find Out – The Wild Giraffes
It’s Alive!
A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls
When You’re Mine – The Heats
Valerie Loves Me – Material Issue
Teenarama – The Records
Original Model -Kursaal Flyers
It’s So Not Lame!
Let’s Away – The Shazam
On My Way Down – The Dons
Beauty Mark – Starbelly
Contact High – Bill Lloyd
We’re Okay – The Kelly Affair

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