Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 21 – A Conversation With Lannie Flowers

This Week on Power Pop Overdose we speak with award winning musician and Spyderpop recording artist,  Lannie Flowers.  Lannie shares how he got into music as well as some great stories from his years on the road.
In addition , he handpicked some of his favorite songs from his long and celebrated career.
As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for Listening to Power Pop Overdose.

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Track List

  1. Another Weekend – Lannie Flowers
  2. Shake Some Action – The Pengwins
  3. Give Me A Chance – Lannie Flowers
  4. Go Away – The Pengwins
  5. Kiss A memory – Lannie Flowers
  6. Suicide – The Pengwins
  7. Where Does Love Go – Lannie Flowers
  8. Just A Dream – The Pengwins
  9. It’s All Over – Lannie Flowers
  10. Around The World – Lannie Flowers
  11. Just Go To Sleep – Lannie Flowers
  12. Come On Girl – Lannie Flowers
  13. Best I Can Do – Lannie Flowers
  14. What Did I Know – Lannie Flowers
  15. Betty and Johnny – The Pengwins
  16. I Didn’t Know – Lannie Flowers
  17. Circles – Lannie Flowers
  18. Shine a Light – Lannie Flowers
  19. In Time – Lannie Flowers
  20. Anyway – Lannie Flowers
  21. Running – Lannie Flowers
  22. Life After High School – The Pengwins
  23. If U Want 2 – The Pengwins
  24. It’s All Over – Lannie Flowers
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