Power Pop Overdose Popcast Bonus Episode! Volume 3

Another week and there is more music than I know what to do with.  That is good news for you because now PPO can bring you a bonus episode!  Artists include The Cudas,The On and Ons, The Corner Laughers, Brad  Mariano plus more. 
As Always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

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1. Cheap Trick – The Cudas
2. Menacing Smile – The On and Ons
3. The Calculating Boy – The Corner Laughers
4. False Alarm – Brad Mariano
5. Oh Why – Coke Belda
6. I Was Already Gone – Sunshine Boys
7. Sometimes – Jim Trainor
8. Animal Suite – The Hangabouts
9. Back to You – Andrew Taylor
10. Catching Light – Pop Co-Op
11. Far Away – The Incurables
12. My Mom – Electraluxx
13. Glassy Eyes – Outtacontroller
14. You’ve Never Been Down Before – The Resonars
15. Senator’s Daughter – Vista Blue
16. Little Mine – Dirty Truckers
17. But I Do Not – Ross
18. Freebasing Your Love – The Newds
19. Still Hate Cops – Daniel Romano
20. My Little Cautionary Tale – The Breakup Society –
21. Get Together – The Weeklings
22. Lazy Eye – Tad Overbaugh & the Late Arrivals
23. See You In The Next World – The Vapour Trails

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