April 2021

April 9, 2021

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Bonus Episode! Volume 13

Do you have a favorite year for music? Mine happens to be 1979. I have put together a comp of some of my favorite tunes from 79 and thought I would share them with you. I think you will dig this… 

As always, Enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose! 

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April 7, 2021

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 51

This week on Power Pop Overdose we give you New and Notable music from The Weeklings, Tamar Berk, Golden Richards. The Chelsea Curve and SUPER 8. Additionally, we present to you some hidden gems, and some jangly goodness as well, plus we have five “Kool” tracks from Kool Kat Musik. Our featured album/ artist is side 2 of the Heats incredible debut, Have An Idea. I think you’re gonna dig it…

As Always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!
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New and Notable

April’s Fool – The Weeklings

Heavy And Abusive – Tamar Berk

Zach Attack – Golden Richards

Girl Cavedog – The Chelsea Curve

All My Worries – SUPER 8

Jangle On!

Great Distances – The Armoires

Come Winter Rain – The Higher State

She’s The One – The Marshalls

I’ll Be Standing By – Deadbeat Poets

Happy hour – The Housemartins

Hidden Gems

I’m Falling – Prettyboys

Angelica – The Favourites

It Hurts – The Zippers

Late As Usual – The Love In

Five from Kool Kat Musik!

A Jigsaw Mind – The Dials

I’m Only Bleeding – The Sails

In Love Again – Tommy Ray!

Talk To Me (feat. Orbis Max) – Emperor Penguin

I Won’t Let It Happen – K7s

Featured Artist – The Heats – Have An Idea – 1980, Side 2

Ordinary Girls – The Heats

I Don’t Mind/She Don’t Mind – The Heats

Call Yourself a Man – The Heats

Don’t Like Your Face – The Heats

Night Shift – The Heats

Divorcee – The Heats

Questions Questions – The Heats