Power Pop

June 3, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 26 – A Conversation With Bruce Brodeen

This week on Power Pop Overdose, we speak with Bruce Brodeen of Not Lame Media.  Bruce shares his influences, gives us some insight on the ups and downs of operating Not Lame.  Additionally, he reveals some of his upcoming projects plus a whole lot more. Also Includes are some handpicked music by Bruce.  You should not miss this one.
As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

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  1. Girlfriend’s Girlfriend – The Elevators
  2. American Fun – The Stompers
  3. One Last Night – The Atlantics
  4. Education Blues – Vance or Towers
  5. Way Out West – Big Star
  6. I Wish I Could Fly – Blue
  7. Nervous Wreck – Radio Stars
  8. Misfit Kid – The Cars
  9. Bends – The Raisins
  10. Another Myself – Sugarplastic
  11. Hey Venus – That Petrol Emotion
  12. Metal Guru – T-Rex
  13. I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
  14. New Rose – The Damned
  15. Elevation – Television
  16. Bad Girls – New York Dolls
  17. Ridin’ High – Moxy
  18. Do You Wanna Get Lucky – Shoes
  19. Fallin’ In Love Again – American Standard Band
  20. Every Turn Of The World – Christopher Cross
  21. NFU – The Shazam
  22. I’d Rather Be – Myracle Brah
  23. Coming Out Alive – Cliff Hillis
  24. Church Folks Comin – Terry Anderson

April 8, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Volume 17 – A Conversation With Jim Basnight

This week on Power Pop Overdose we speak with Jim Basnight!Jim chronicles his musical career from Seattle to New York and L.A., sharing stories from his early days with The Moberleys up to his new album, Not Changing.Pick up a copy of Not Changing at Kool Kat Musik or Bandcamp

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Track List

Looking Through Glass – Jim Basnight
Live In The Sun – Jim Basnight (1977)
Blow Your Life Away – The Moberlys
Last Night – The Moberlys
You Know I Know – The Moberlys
Sexteen – The Moberlys
Genius Of Love – The Moberlys
What I Wouldn’t Do – The Moberlys
She Don’t Rock – The Moberlys
She Always Smiled – The Moberlys
Make A Baby – The Moberlys
I Want You- The Moberlys
I’m In Fire – The Moberlys
I Trust You – The Moberlys
Rock And Roll Girlfriend – The Rockinghams
More Than One Way – The Rockinghams
Hello Mary Jane – The Rockinghams
Not Changing – Jim Basnight
You Never Cease to Amaze – Jim Basnight
Big Bang – Jim Basnight
Making Love For a Living – Jim Basnight
Suicide Evening – Jim Basnight

April 1, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Vol. 16

This Week on Power Pop Overdose, we have new music form Muck and the Mirea, Coke Belda, Mo Troper, Nick Piunti and Watts. We also bring you music from the Lone Star State, songs about the radio plus a whole lot more.As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.

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New and Notable
1. This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely – Muck and the Mires
2. Thank You, Paul – Coke Belda
3. Your Boy – 03 Mo Troper
4. Upper hand – 04 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men
5. Seventeen- Watts
On Your Radio
6. My Radio – The Spies
7. On The Radio – Cheap Trick
8. Get Your Radio – The Secrets
9. Radio, Radio – Elvis Costello
10. On Your Radio – Joe Jacksonv I Got You Covered!
11. I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite – The Explorers Club
12. Romeo and Juliette – Jamir Hoover and Friends
13. Girl – Ken Sharp
14. Across The Universe – Super 8
15. Love You Like I Love Myself – Herman Brood & His Wild Romance
16. Boys Of Desillusion – The Spivs
17. The Show – The Scene
18. Blitzkrieg – T he Meteors
19. The Young Reporter – The Nits
Lone Star Music
20. What You Gonna Do – The Pengwins
21. Pop Art – The Haskells
22. All My Time – True Hearts
23. Tonight – The Take
24. This Is It – Bruce Moody

March 18, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 14

This week on Power Pop Overdose, we have new music from Chris Church, The False Positives, The Electric Mess, The Vapour Trails Dolph Chaney!  We also feature music form the Jet City and the year 1979.  Additionally,  we spotlight some songs from Dirty Water Records plus we find out if you are a Mod or a Mocker.As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!
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New and Notable
No Letting Go – Chris Church
The Real You – The False Positives
Last Call – The Electric Mess
Lonley Man – The Vapour Trails
The Handling – Dolph Chaney
Are You A Mod or a Mocker?
Cortina Mk2 – The Lambrettas
You Need Wheels – The Merton Parkas
My World – Secret Affair
Free Yourself – The Untouchables
Kicking The Kans – The Headboys
Girl of My Dreams – Bram Tchaikovsky
Hold On – Ian Gomm
On Your Radio – Joe Jackson
Starry Eyes – The Records
Farfisa Madness!
Do What You Do – The Love Nots
Her Big Man – The Madd
Witch Hunt – 45 Rally
Black Glove – Loveland
Step in to the Dirty Water
Big Smoke London Town – Dustaphonics
Doreen – Muck and the Mires
I Don’t Want You – The Thanes
Left Unseen – Les Grys Grys
Jet City Rockers
Here She Comes – The Cowboys
Emma Peel – The Allies
You Know I Know – The Moberlys
Dangerous – The Rangehoods
Sorry Girls – The Heats

March 4, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 12

This week Power Pop Overdose brings you new music from The Gold Needle, Les Grys Grys, Chris Church plus more. We also bring the Reign in Spain, music from Down Under, as well as some classics from the 80’s and more.  As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.As Always, feel free to comment or if you want to email us at powerpopoverdose@gmail.comPPO v12 on Mixcloud
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New And Notable
01 Bily Liar – The Gold Needles
02 Milk Coe Blues – Les Grys-Grys
03 Loveless Days – The Tambles
04 Your Sun Is About To Shine – Chris Church
05 Coat-Tailer – The Empty Hearts
Reign in Spain
06 Time To Make Things Right – Bang 74
07 Summer and Kisses – Champagne
08 She Said Yeah!! – Bubblegum
09 Girls,girls,girls – Quant
Todd Is Godd
10 Turn Me On – The Tubes
11 Heaven’s Falling – Cheap Trick
12 One World – Todd Rundgren
13 I’ll Be Around – What Is This
14 So Sad About Us – Shawn Cassidy
Down Under
15 Fast Fade – The Metal Babies
16 100 Watt Ronson – The Finkers
17 Everything – Pyramidiacs
18 What Are We Gonna Do – The Stanleys
19 Evil Knievel – Ikey Mo
They Came From The 80’s
20 She Talks in Stereo – Gary Myrick & the Figures
21 Nothing Really Matters When You’re Young – Screen Test
22 All the Young Heroes – Gary O’
23 Rock You Up – The Romantics
24 Does Stephanie Know – Squire
25 World Party – The Waterboys

February 26, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 11

This week on Power Pop overdose we bring you new music from The Late Afternoons, The Overtures The Weeklings pluse more. We also get a little Stiff, elicit a Twelve String
High and dispense some classic power pop for you. As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose.

Feel Free to comment or if you want to email us at

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New and Notable
01 Not So Moscow – The Late Afternoons
02 Oneinaworld – The Overtures
03 Baby Let Me Take You Home – The Weeklings
04 Kisses Are History – The Speedways
05 The Right Road – Jeremy
Sounds Like The 60’s!
06 Daffodil Tea Shoppe – Electric Looking Glass
07 She Destroyed Me – The Wrong Society
08 Please Say – Johnny’s Uncalled Four
09 Shut Your Mind – The Baron Four
Twelve String High
10 She Loved Her Jangle Pop – Erik Voeks
11 And In My Dream – The Junipers
12 You’re Tied – Young Sinclairs
13 The Way I Want You – The Reverberations
Feeling A Little Stiff
14 So It Goes – Nick Lowe
15 Playing Bogart – Any Trouble
16 Mercury Poisoning – Graham Parker & The Rumour
17 Police Car – Larry Wallis
18 Watching The Detective – Elvis Costello
Why Were the 1970s So Extraordinary
19 Bloodline – Bram Tchaikovsky
20 Mirror Star – The Fablous Poodles
21 Saturday Night – Herman Brood and His Wild Romance
22 You Just Don’t Wanna Know – Jules And The Polar Bears
23 Little Trouble Maker – Ian McLagen

February 22, 2020

Vista Blue – Hit The Floor

Hit the Floor was recorded in Memphis at legendary Ardent Studios. Tracks were mixed and mastered by Perry Leenhouts.Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis in July 2019. Engineered by Mike Wilson. Mixed/mastered by Perry Leenhouts of Point Break Sound.Richard Bates – guitar, vocals Reese Chism – drums, vocals Mark Crowley – bass, vocals Mike Patton – vocals, guitar, organ